Who we are

Akimik International Group

We create product concepts

• Stainless steel line: Cookware in various presentations and qualities, bowl sets, thermoses, spice racks, etc.
• Glass Line: Sweets, plates, spice racks, ornaments, etc.
• Pewter Line: bowl sets, cookware, containers, etc.
• Ceramic Line: 16-piece sets, 20-piece sets, mugs, etc.
• Aluminum Line, pan sets, cookware, etc.
• Appliances: with our KITCHENES and EUROGOURMET brands, irons, sandwich makers, toasters, blenders, water dispenser, etc.
• Beauty Line: Beauty devices, cosmetic bag sets, brushes, etc.
• School Line: backpacks, lunch boxes, pens, etc.

Our services

Products and suppliers

We have a large number of Jointventures with the best factories in China for each of the areas we work in. We look for the invoice hand that suits the needs of your product and we make sure that the necessary processes are followed to meet all the needs of your company.
(all our factories have both quality and social audits)

Development and Design

We have a group of designers and a department of new products in HONG KONG to be able to develop products that meet the needs of our customers in both image and quality, thus meeting 100% of the needs and requirements of our customers.

Logistics and delivery

We have a shipping service for all the products required from their origin in the factories with which they work until the safe transfer in the port of the client’s preference, ensuring the correct arrival of their products and with the security and confidence that they will arrive on time and as it has been established and also with preferential costs for greater comfort and benefit of our clients

Customs procedures service

Support, advice and accompaniment in the nationalization of merchandise in customs that has been chosen as the destination of the imported merchandise, we have the opportunity to bring your merchandise to any port in Mexico for greater comfort and easy logistics for our clients.

International face-to-face

We have a presence in the most important countries in America, thus having the opportunity to cover the different needs of each product and the requirements of each country such as: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile and the United States.

Key Offices

We have key offices for the correct operation of each of our services in Hong Kong, Ningbo-China, Mexico and Miami in order to offer a quality service, knowing the standards and ways of working of each one of them. our different clients.
Shipping management for your products from origin to your preferred port with preferential costs
Support the nationalization of merchandise in your preferred public
We develop the ideas with our group of designers and department of new products in HONG KONG
We have a large number of Jointventures with the best factories in China for each of the areas we work in (all our factories have both quality and social audits)

Who make it up


Headquartered in HONG KONG and branch office in NINGBOH, CHINA


Based in Miami, FL, USA

Brands we work

MAINSTAYS We collaborate in the production of several articles of this brand such as stainless steel batteries, cutlery and glass articles
EUROGOURMET line of household appliances
EUROHOME we manage this brand with main presence in the Brazilian market and as support in the Mexican market (present in Amazon through our distributors)
SOKANY line of household appliances
RAF line of household appliances

Some places where we are present

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